The End


Nb. I posted this in February, when I’d just finished the first draft of Diemen. Today, I finished editing it and sent it to my agent. Gah! I’d just like to say thank you to everybody who has been involved in the Thyla cycle from day one: Zoe Walton and Kimberley Bennett at Random House; my wonderful retired agent, Nan Halliday; Angelo Loukakis for reading the first draft of Thyla; my Bear for reading every word of every instalment; Not Just Books in Burnie and The Female Factory for providing venues for my launches; my new agent, Brian Cook; the staff at all the coffee shops I worked in for not minding me taking up a table for hours on end; my various writers groups for their support and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, everyone who has gone out and bought copies of Thyla and Vulpi. I can’t believe you read them! I can’t believe many of you liked them! You’re all ace.

Oh and of course, I have to thank my very own Tessa Tiger. just for being.

Anyway! Here is my original post. It’s another ending today but, as always with the publishing industry, in the words of The Living End, “the ending is just the bginning repeating”. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Well, that’s it! All over, Red Rover. The Fat Lady has sung. The curtain has been rung down and the choir invisible has been joined.

This is an ex-parrot!

Or, should I say, manuscript.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve finished. Book Four in the Thyla cycle has been written.

Now, I should probably qualify this. When I say that Diemen is “written”, what I really should be saying is that the very, very rough draft of Diemen has been written. There is still months worth of editing in front of me – painstaking hours of changing this word for that and cutting horrible sentences and beefing up some characters and diminishing others and just, generally, realising that my first draft is not,in fact, as awesome and magical as I thought it was.

But the actual imagining, the researching, the decision-making and the hours and hours of actual writing … that’s done. The ending is set in stone. The people who were going to die are dead and the ones who were meant to survive live on. Loose ends have been tied up, further mysteries have been hinted at. A spin-off sequel has been (timidly) suggested.

But, apart from pipe dreams of spin-off series, that’s the end, my friend. I’ve been working on this series for three years. The characters are my friends (or enemies, as the case may be). I know I’ll still have a lot of time with them as I edit the last two books and promote Vulpi, but I’ll never sit down to write the first line in one of them ever again. I’ll never get to decide who falls for who and if they’re allowed to have them (the power!!!), or who lives and dies (the – slightly psychotic – power!).

It may not be the final ending, but it is an ending of sorts, and I must admit I’m conflicted. Part of me is excited to have reached this milestone.

A – probably bigger – part of me is grieving.

But tomorrow I’ll get up and start editing and all senses of excitement or grief will disappear as I drown beneath the flood of words. And when I’ve finished all the editing, I’ll be faced with a blank page again.

And that is exciting!

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