I’ve got one word for you!


Does anybody remember those surveys people used to send around by email (back when people still emailed, rather than “Facebooked”)? The ones asking “Where was your first kiss?” and “What colour shirt are you wearing?”

The general consensus was that they were annoying spammy spam but I LOVED them! Oh the hours I wasted on those things!!!

So when I found this at Meet Me At Mikes, I thought “Heck yes!”

Annoying spammy spam it might be but, as a means of keeping me awake while a little snuffly tiger sleeps on my belly at 3 am? Gold!

And yes. I have cheated a few times 🙂


1. Where is your mobile phone? Pocket!


2. Your hair? Chaos!


3. Your mother? Sleeping?


4. Your father? Radio.


5. Your favourite food? Mushrooms!


6. Your dream last night? Baby!


7. Your favourite drink? Greentea ;p!


8. Your dream/goal? Tardis.


9. What room are you in? Loungeroom.


10. Your hobby? Sleeping.


11. Your fear? Tessa-danger.


12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Country.


13. Where were you last night? Invermay.


14. Something that you aren’t? Marmoset.


15. Muffins? Gluten-free!


16. Wish list item? Sleep!


17. Where did you grow up? Wynyard.


18. Last thing you did? Lactated.


19. What are you wearing? Baby!


20. Your TV? Off.


21. Your pet? Mad.


22. Friends? Faraway :(.


23. Your life? Blissful.


24. Your mood? Sleepy.


25. Missing someone? Friends.


26. Vehicle? Feet.


27. Something you’re not wearing? Fashion.


28. Your favourite store? EllisonHawker.


29. Your favourite color? Pink.


30. When was the last time you laughed? Today.


31. Last time you cried? Today.


32. Your best friend? HusbandBear.


33. One place that I go to over and over? Imagination.


34. One person who emails me regularly? HusbandBear.



Is the end.

Please can someone send me another?

And also a Tardis full of gluten free muffins?

While you’re organising that, have a go at this yourself. It’s annoying spammy spam but admit it, it’s darn fun!