What Tiger and I have been listening to

Tessa and I are both big music fans. She, like I do, has very eclectic taste. The following is what we’ve been listening to lately, either while dancing around the living room or having big cuddles. Don’t judge her for her taste. She’s only a baby ;op

Tess has a HUGE crush on Blake, ever since we started taping The Voice USA and watching it while feeding overnight. Poppy bought us his greatest hits. We like this song a lot.

Like I said, don’t judge us. Tessa got into One Direction because they played them a lot when she was in hospital. It’s not like I like them or anything …

Tessa is a fiiiirrrreeewooorkkk!!!

Tessa’s favourite (and Mummy’s too). One day, when Tessa is old enough, Mummy will take Tessa to see him live. Maybe in Oxford, which is where Mummy saw him play.

On the way home from hospital, Tessa listened to Iron Maiden for the first time. Daddy was very pleased that she seemed to like it.

Tessa thinks it’s VERY nice to be alive!!!