Vulpis in the wild!


Just a quick note to share the news that there are now Vulpis IN THE WILD! The lovely folk at Random House have nurtured and raised them, and given them lots of cuddles, and they are now huddling in little Vulpi clumps in YOUR favourite bookshop or other place-that-sells-books.

The Vulpis might look big, tough, sly and foxy but they’re really quite shy little cubs (until you get to know them) so please treat them well and give them lots of love!

My thanks, as ever, to Zoe, Kimberley, Dot, Sarana and all the other Wonderfuls at Random House, to my indescribably awesome agent, Nan, and to my first reader and general best-person-of-all-time, Husband Bear. Without you all, Vulpi would still be in captivity inside my head.

I hope you all find a Vulpi, and that you enjoy it very much

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