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I know I’ve been super dooper quiet on the Bloggy-verse lately. That’s mainly because I’ve been … WRITING!

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. The writer writes!

I’ve been working on Book Four in the Thyla series: Diemen. It’s kind of exciting writing the last book, kind of daunting, and more than a bit sad. I don’t want to leave the world of the Thylas, Sarcos, Vulpi, Diemens and Moai. I love it there. It’s my heartland. This is why I have (sneakily) set up some things in Diemen that may allow for sequels or prequels. I’d love to revisit the world some day.

I won’t tell too much about the book because, obviously, book two isn’t even out yet, so the goings on of book four are spoiler-chock-a-block! But I will say it’s quite dark, very gothic and moody and there are lots of moths.

Other than writing about moths and shadows, here is what has been making me bouncy these past few weeks:

Music: I just bought “Ben Folds: The Best Imitation of Myself”. Of course, I already have all of the songs on it on other CDs but, being the crazed fan I am, I just had to own this too. And it’s wonderful. It has also led to many arguments between me and HB about whether or not Ben Folds is a “hipster”. I argue “not” as Ben Folds was being Ben Folds long before hipsters were even invented. I argue he’s an “emo”. Emo used to mean something different before Emily the Strange and My Chemical Romance. In “my day” (yes, I am old enough to say that), an emo wore brown cords and checked shirts and Converse sneakers and liked Wilco and Weezer and, yes, Ben Folds. I was an emo. I know what they are. Hipsters, on the other hand, wear pointy shoes and ironic moustaches and have tattoos of barcodes on their arms, or lines from dodgy movies (because they’re being ironic), and like the bands that people were in before they were in the bands they’re famous for. Ben Folds is not a hipster. End of. He’s also a gosh-darn genius.

TV: I’ve just discovered Love My Way. I know, I know, I’m only eight years behind the eight ball on this one but hot hamburger is it awesome. Brendan Cowell is just sublime and every single scene has you on the edge of your seat, not because it’s violent or because somewhere in a dark corner there lurks a sadistic serial killer, but because you become so involved with every character, and absolutely invested in their lives and struggles. I’m going to die a little bit inside when I finish Series 3.

Books: I’m reading Queen of the Night, by Leanne Hall. It’s the sequel to her amazing book, This is Shyness, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think it might even be better! She’s an incredible writer: A poet without being a pretentious wally-bum; an edgy, uber-cool writer for teens without being … um, a pretentious wally-bum (i.e. hipster). I’ve already laughed and cried and I’m putting off reading the last twenty or so pages because I just don’t want it to end. Do yourselves a favour, Australia: go and buy it.

Cats: Mephy is still my favourite person in the world apart from Husband Bear, even though he did get into the frozen fish packet and disseminate crumbs not only all over himself but most of the house AND render said fish both inedible and unrecognisable as actual fish. He has also turned into the best fly catcher – A few days ago I said, “Mephy, that fly buzzing around the room is really annoying me. Please catch it.” And so he leaped up, raced across the room, did a Warnie on the fly and ate it. That’s my boy. He also doubles as a great set of barbells, as demonstrated here by Husband Bear:

So that’s it! That’s life at the candy pink cottage for now. Soon, life will get much busier, with the launch of Vulpi, a trip to the Supanova Conference and events for the National Year of Reading coming up.

Also, Robbie Williams has a new CD out soon.

My life is complete.

3 thoughts on “What Katy Did Next …

  1. What a wonderful way with words you have. I just loved “A poet without being a pretentious wally-bum; an edgy, uber-cool writer for teens without being … um, a pretentious wally-bum. ” I think I might quote that. I’ve ordered a copy of Queen of the Night. I really enjoyed This is Shyness and am double keen to read it having read what you have to say.

    As a reader I am disappointed to hear the Thyla series is ending but as a writer I know you will come up with something new that’s equally as good.


  2. I loved Queen of the Night and I agree that it’s even better than This is Shyness. It reminded me for some reason of Galax-Arena, and I was sad that the third book in that series was never released, so hopefully I’ll get some form of closure from Shyness!


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