The Real Daisy Blue Part 8: Suffering sultanas and sunstroke



Kraton Surakarta
Kraton Surakarta

Today we went to “Kraton Surakarta”. It is the big palace in the middle of Solo. The front entrance was pretty boring so I got one of those oh-no-this-is-going-to-be-totally-mind-numbing feelings. But there was an excellent museum and in the middle there was a beautiful room with gold everywhere, chandeliers, the works. In the museum there were old carriages, paintings, statues and many photos of a very porky sultan with a waif-like wife and a very snooty look on his face. I couldn’t help laughing but I felt sorry for his poor wife. Didn’t they feed sultanas in those days?



Ruth (the girl we’ve been travelling with) left today. Very sad as we’ll probably never see her again. This afternoon tragedy struck. I got sick in Mataharis (BIG dept. store). Mum wasn’t with me so I kinda’ staggered around for about an hour until she turned up and she had to carry (just about) back to the hotel. Mum thinks it was sunstroke but I’m convinced I’m dying. Mum also thinks I’m a hypochondriac. But I was hyperventilating for god’s sake!!! Some people just can’t tell when a person is about to kick the bucket. (Kick the bucket?!? Weird)



Feeling a bit sick today. Actually vomited twice. Feeling AWFUL right now. I spent most of today sleeping but I’m still tired now. Nothing much else. Tomorrow we leave Solo to go to Yogya which everyone says is great. Can’t say I’m really sad about leaving Solo – it’s a pretty uninspiring city, really.