The Real Daisy Blue Part 5: Black sand and birthday bali bags



Pantai Kecil
Pantai Kecil

Today we went to a little beach which is, appropriately, called Pantai Kecil(*). The waves were enormous & a bit scary as you dived into them and they basically chewed you up and spat you out. One particularly ginormous FREAK wave came up and we all our things so we had a very wet walk home and my personal organiser was stuffed – I mean broken. Sorry, I keep forgetting that this is an English journal!

Anyway, gotta go!

(*) This means Little Beach



I’m getting slack, aren’t I? I start with the very best intentions but by the end of the day I’m so tired I can’t do anything! Today we are in Ubud. We came back to pick up mail. Tomorrow we leave for Lovina where they apparently have black sand. Should be an experience! Tomorrow is my birthday! I can’t want to finally catch up to my friends and be 14!!!




MY BIRTHDAY! <drawing of birthday cake>

Well, the morning of my “big day” was pretty uneventful – basically consisting of a 4 hour bus trip! We arrived in Lovina at around 2:00. It is different to what I expected. I thought there would be heaps of tourists & shops but it is not like that at all. It is nice & quiet. The black sand is weird for my b’day. I got a huge embroidered “bali bag”, a silver & gold ring with an amethyst in it and a pair of silver earrings. I also got a new pair of sneakers which wasn’t very exciting! Anyway – happy birthday to me!etc.