The Real Daisy Blue Part 1: The Arrival

It is I, Husband Bear, not the usual blogger, the lovely Kate.

Today I made an exciting discovery. I found Kate’s real diary from her trip to Indonesia as a 13 year old girl, which came to be the inspiration for Three Things About Daisy Blue!

My first thought was “this would make a great series of blogs!”.

My second thought was “but who is going to painstakingly transcribe the barely legible scribblings of an excitable 13 year old girl?”.

My third thought was “I know just the sucker guy… me!”.

So with those Three Thoughts About Daisy Blue, here is the start of a blog series I would like to call “The Real Daisy Blue“.



I’M IN INDONESIA!!! I still can’t really believe it even though it feels like it’s 200°C and all I can hear outside are motorbikes and Indonesian voices! It is only five to seven here but it would be almost 9:00 in Tassie.

This morning I woke at 4:15am. Our plane left at 6:45. I cried at the airport & I felt really embarrassed! The plane to Melbourne didn’t take long but we had to wait for ages at Tullamarine airport. Finally our plane to Denpasar arrived. I won’t bore you with the boring trip details or about our Mammoth wait in a queue at Denpasar!

Kuta was a major culture shock. Noise! People! Heat! Smoke! Everywhere there are people trying to sell you something. All you have to do is walk down the street and there are hundreds of people trying to sell you something you don’t want.

We had a very Indonesian-style KFC tea! And now we are back at our home-away-from-home, the Beneyasa Beach Inn. I am very tired – lelah sekali – so I shall retire for the night now.



Today, after doing some shopping at Mataharis, my family & I went to a place called Waterbom Park! It is a HUGE waterpark – a bit like Wet’n’Wild – with heaps of slides, pools and rides. It was so much fun! The slides were excellent! There were four main slides. One went straight down really fast, one went in lots of little spirals, another you had a little rubber doughnut which spun around and around, and the other one was a very long slide through a “jungle”. There was also a leisure ride & many pools with fountains. All in all, it has been an excellent day. We are staying in Kuta until tomorrow night or Thursday morning.



This morning, we spent AGES trying to find a phone booth that would take our Telecard so I could ring my Dad and then after 2 hours of walking, we finally found a phone we could use, he wasn’t home! How annoying! This afternoon, I have just been relaxing and doing some long overdue homework. For tea I had garlic bread & chips. I needed Western food! I miss Vegemite and corn flakes especially! Here we have tea and a type of banana jaffle for breakfast which is yummy but weird. Also today I bought a really gorgeous “bali doll” which is a soft doll in traditional Balinese costume. His name is Wayan Sari. He is SO cute!!! Bye for now.