Where I’ve been …

Inspired by this gorgeous post by the always-fab Alien Onion on why they’ve been a bit quiet on the blogosphere lately, I thought I’d do my own little “Where I’ve Been” wrap-up. Just in case you were wondering to yourself, “Didn’t we have a friend once called Kate? You know, the writer? Sort of nerdy? Crazy hair? Had that weird obsession with metal and country music AND The Spice Girls? Ate her own body weight in Freddo Frogs on a daily basis?”

On the off chance you WERE wondering something along those lines, you’re in luck!

For the past month or so I haz been:

Doing this:

To some books about:

And …

And …

(Except bigger and more shapeshifty ones)

Savouring this:

(Yes, I know. I’m obsessed. But he’s lovely!)

Eating these:

(There’s no denying it, is there? Chocolate in the shape of anthropomorphic frogs just tastes BETTER!)

Admiring this:

(Spring in the garden!!!)

Waiting for this:

(And it came! And it’s wonderful!)

Wearing this (because unlike the multi-talented Onions I can’t knit):

(My lovely Josh Ritter tee from my Lil Bro)

Wishing I was still here:

(Laziest cat EVER!)

Laughing at this:

(And many other images sent to me by my wonderful Husband Bear)

Listening to this:

But mostly doing this:

For my family, my friends, my Mephy, my Tweeps, my wise, wonderful and supportive editors, my amazing agent and everyone who has helped me through these crazy wondrous weeks. You’re all incredible.

And so this is for you:

Because everyone knows the best thank you present is a pile of lemurs!

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been …

  1. Lovely Katie, a smile first thing in the morning :-). I told Grandma I’d printed out some more of your blogs to snailmail to her, and she said “Oh good, I love them!!” so even peeps without computers are reading and enjoying your blogs xxxxx


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