More things learned while editing …

Hi, Folks! I read a great status update from the marvellous Cassandra Golds this week that said: “If Cassandra Golds has seemed quiet lately, it’s because she has a deadline. Alternatively, if Cassandra Golds seems to be continually on Facebook, it’s because she has a deadline.”

I knew exactly how she felt. Who knew that social networking would become my best friend this past week? Who knew that conversations about Friends, saxophone solos, and “levels of bonk” (not actually as rude as it sounds) with Ben Chandler and Nansi Kunze and about opium and potatoes with various awesome Facebooky friends would keep me sane when there was a real chance I could go “bonkers” (there it is …)? I know I’m not meant to be on social media when I’m editing. I know it’s “procrastination” but, Hell, if it’s a choice between that and totally losing my onion, I’ll go for the first.

Thanks must also go to Husband Bear, who has put up with my numerous attempts to connect with a human being after a whole day inside with only Mephy for company (not that Mephy is in any way bad company. He also keeps me sane) by instant messaging him various variations on “Wo?” “Wo Bear?” “Wub?” “Wublet” and “I CANNOT DO THIS ANY MORRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!”

He has politely asked me to refrain from doing this as it is possible that his colleague will be standing behind his shoulder when a box pops up saying “Kate Gordon says Wubletty wubble wub wub?”

Other things learned while editing:

  1. Listening to Laura Marling or Busby Marou is not conducive to creation of kick-arse fight scenes
  2. Asking the cat for a synonym for “panting” will result in a blank stare, and a running-off-to-the-food-bowl and loud meowing because … he is a cat.
  3. Flies Must Be Chased From House Because They Are LOUD!
  4. Husband Bears must be chased from lounge room because they cleared their throat twice.
  5. By 7:30 no coherent speech must be expected.
  6. The Hawks losing a chance in the Grand Final is not as much of a big deal as it would have been had you not been editing.
  7. You will talk to inanimate objects.
  8. You will consider Corn Flakes straight from the packet a meal.
  9. You will sing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey to yourself so you, um, don’t stop believing.
  10. When it all comes down to it, this is the best job in the world.

Yes it is. This past few weeks has been strange and sometimes tough but mostly wonderful. Editing a manuscript worked on by a talented and wise editor is a thrilling thing. My editor is, quite frankly, astonishingly good at what she does and the manuscript I’ll send back to her in a few days is so much better than the one she sent me. I’m so grateful to her.

So I guess that’s the final thing I’ve learned … although I knew it from the beginning: Editors rock. The ones I’ve worked with have been uniformly the most skilled, supportive, intuitive, smart, brilliant people. Thank you to them, and to everyone who has made it possible for me to have my dream job.

Even Mephy Danger. Who I really must feed now.

And especially Husband Bear. Who puts up with the madness, the stress and, most importantly, the singing of songs by Journey.

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