Things I have learned while doing Mega Edits …

Only time for a short bloggy today. Just back from a splendiferous trip to Melbourne (which I will blog about soon – oh, the Klimt! Oh, the Brunswick Street! Oh, the BEST MUSHROOM AND FETTA THINGIE EVER!!!) and into The Biggest Edit Of. All. Time.

This is my second week of the Month of Mega Edits. Here is what I have learned so far:

  1. Mega Edit is all-consuming. Life does sort of stop. But still have to remember to feed the cat. Otherwise he tried to eat my leg.
  2. Freddo Frogs are Manna From Heaven
  3. Vacuuming really doesn’t flubbing matter.
  4. Husbands who email you images like this are worth their weight in said Freddo Frogs.
  5. The X Factor, after a hard day of editing, is DA BOMB. But you will cry at EVERYBODY’S “story”. Because you are so gosh-darned TIRED.
  6. You can’t really read books because you still have the edit brain going on and so you completely pick apart books you would have otherwise adored.
  7. Everything annoys you. Everything.
  8. Cold tea is fine. It has to be.
  9. You will scream at said wonderful husband about imaginary wasps.
  10. Fathers who let you stare off into space for an hour even though you’re meant to be enjoying a drink together on Brunswick Street are also pretty amazing.
  11. Your feet may become fascinating. Because you are so gosh-darned TIRED.
  12. is the best invention EVER.
  13. Twitter peeps and Facebook lovelies who keep you going with encouraging words deserve much cider.
  15. You will, at some point, find yourself in the bathroom, staring in the mirror, making ferret faces and singing Ball Park Music’s “It’s Nice To Be Alive” with no memory of how you got there.

A special thanks must go to all the above-mentioned people, including Ball Park Music for their first and wonderful album, which is the sauce. And to Mephy Danger, who is the best fuzzy muse a girl could ask for, and putter-upper-er of much madness.

Bye now, Wonderfuls. Edits call. Literally.

I can hear them. They sound a bit like Kamahl. But more demanding and terrifying. Best be off! *runs away cackling*.

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