Back in the world of the Thylas!

Hi all,

Just a quick post today before I dive back into editing. I have just started my first read-through of the first draft of Sarco – book three in the Thyla cycle. It’s the second last book and, like Vulpi, features a new protagonist and narrator. I won’t tell you who as it will spoil a big twist at the end of Vulpi, but let me just say I am loving writing her.

This entire series is such fun to write. I am so glad that each book has a different heroine (while continuing to follow the stories of the other girls), as it means I get t learn more about my favourite characters and tell their stories in as much depth as I told Tessa’s. Don’t worry, those of you who fell in love with Perrin (which includes me). He’s still around, but Vulpi and Sarco have new spunky boys to fall in love with as well.

In fact, Vulpi features introduces my very favourite spunky boy. He’s an Englishman called Archie who has the sexiest accent, a rakish sense of humour and, of course, the essential ingredient of danger.

Yesterday, my wonderful editor sent me a picture she’d found of a man who she thought looked exactly like Archie. He was just gorgeous and exactly how I imagined him. For a moment, I felt like I knew how JK Rowling must have felt when she saw Harry, Ron and Hermione on the big screen. It’s such a thrill to see how other people imagine your characters, and to have them transform from the written word into “real people” (even if they are stock photos of very sexy men in cravats).

Apparently, discussions are about to start on the Vulpi cover. I can’t wait to find out what the super talented people at RH do with Cat. The Tessa on the Thyla cover is now the Tessa I see in my head when I am working on the books. She is just how I imagined her. It will be wonderful seeing how the RH design team imagine Cat!

But back to Sarco now. Something horribly sad has just happened to someone close to the main character. Of course, she wants revenge, and I am all fired up to help her get it. Better go now. She’s calling me!