And the winner is …

Firstly, I just want to say a big, ginormous thank you to everybody who entered my first competition. I was really nervous doing it. I was worried nobody would enter! And then so many of you did! Hurrah! You are all so lovely!

Next, I need to tell you that I’ve now got the competition-holding bug, big time! There’s this series of episode in Friends (one of my favourite shows OF ALL TIME), where Joey moves out and Chandler gets a room-mate called Eddie who’s more than a little bit, um, stark raving mad. In one episode, Eddie gets a food dehydrator and becomes just a tad obsessed with it … “I’m a dehydrating MANIAC”, he cries, his eyes glimmering with maniacal glee.

I’m a bit like that with competitions, now! It was so much fun running this one, I’ve decided to run another one very soon. I’ll let you know the details in the next month or so but, in the meantime please tell your mates about my Facebook page (clue: this will be part of the comp!).

Enough of that, though. You probably just want to know who won, right?

Okay, here ’tis:

The winner of a signed copy of Thyla is: Rachel Tsoumbakos

And the winner of a manuscript assessment is: Katie Driscoll

If you guys could Facebook message or email (kate at me your postal address (in Rachel’s case) or email address (Katie), that would be luvverly!

Thanks again, everyone. You’re super! Look forward to getting in touch with you all soon about the next competition!

2 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. Yipeeeee and Congratulations to the competition winners!! I know a certain someone who is going to be extremely excited, thanks Kate your winner of the manuscript assessment really needed and deserved something fantastic happen to them after a very sad couple of weeks, me myself am really looking forward to reading Thyla now i have almost finished my current book…. 🙂


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