Win signed Thyla! My first ever competition!

Hola! I am very excited (and a teensy bit nervous) to announce my first ever proper-author competition!

Because he is the best thing in the known and all possible universes, Husband Bear made me a very, very snazzy Facebook author page! I am so proud of it that if I understood what the expression “proud as punch” actually meant (why is a fruit-based beverage proud? Or does it mean the kind of punch boxers do? Or does it mean the puppet Punch from Punch and Judy? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?), I would say I was just that! As it is, I’ll just say I’m as proud as a new author with a sparkly Facebook page!

Anyway, to get to the point of this post before I go off on one of my inane little babbles (I can just hear HB yelling, “Kate, for the love of Thor, SHUT UP!”): If you “like” my snazzy Facebook author page, you can win stuff. One thing you can win is a signed copy of Thyla! Another thing you can win is a manuscript assessment of a children’s or YA novel up to 40,000 words!

I’ll be “drawing” the prize in two weeks, so please “like” my page soonish!

*Waits with fingers crossed that people will like her snazzy Facebook author page*

13 thoughts on “Win signed Thyla! My first ever competition!

  1. Heheh nice page, I liked it and hope I can win the amazing book I haven’t read yet, every book inspires me to write more teen fiction 🙂 x


  2. Kate,
    Love the shiny new facebook page. i have my sunglasses on to shield my eyes from the sparkles!
    That’s not Mephy’s bottom is it? he would not be impressed that the wrong end got in the photo.


  3. I can atest from personal experience that Kate’s MS assessments ROCK and are SO helpful and incredibly AWESOME and she WILL change your life.

    Just saying.



  4. Hi Kate,
    I have ‘liked’ your page, I would be interested in both competition prizes, the copy of Thyla and/or the manuscript assessment, Thanks!


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