Holy Flubbing Meatballs!

I wasn’t going to blog today.

But then my friend Meg sent me something. And it made me go a bit bouncy.

Before I post it, I just want to give you some background *clears throat*

See, I grew up in a small regional town in Tassie. It is a lovely town. It’s by the ocean and not far from the forest, and it has the best fish and chips and jelly slices (obviously eaten pre-coeliac-ness) in the whole wide world. But it’s also not very big, and not a lot happens there. When Chickenfeed (for mainlanders, this is a bargain shop, kind of like Dimmeys) opened in the main street, they had a sausage sizzle and there was a line to get in. It was the social event of the season.

Anyway, for this small-town kid, the most exciting thing in the world was going on a dinky plane from Wynyard airport and flying the often terrifying little jaunt over Bass Strait to a magical place called “Melbourne”.

For those of you who were raised in Melbourne, or a similarly big city, you are probably thinking “Jeepers, this Kate person must be a real bumpkin to think that Melbourne is magical” but, oh, I did! It was huge and people wore crazy clothes and played music in the street and there were interesting smells and a zoo with baby gorillas and a butterfly house and it was hot (we went in Summer, obviously), and there was a library with a big glass roof and restaurants that served amazing exotic food and cake shops with incredible delights in their windows and a BIG FACE THING YOU COULD WALK THROUGH and … gah!

Yes, I thought Melbourne was magical. Still do, actually. For awhile there, when I was a teenager (before I realised how strong a hold Tassie had on my heart), I thought I might move there. Now, I’m content to just visit but, when I do, I am still struck by how much of a potent impact it has on me.

So, when Meg sent me this image, I gosh darn nearly cried.

Thyla in Melbourne CBD Dymocks!


Thanks, Meg, for sharing this with me. It’s a little bit magic.

12 thoughts on “Holy Flubbing Meatballs!

  1. I had the same impression seeing Thyla on the shelves in Petrarchs, Fullers, A&R [as was], Birchalls and even Target[ ?!] in Launceston…
    not because Lonnie is the Big Smoke but because Thyla was fantasy-fiction by a Tasmanian and in somewhere as mainstream & commercial as Target. I wonder if it’s in Target anywhere else….?


    1. It should also be in K-Mart(definitely in Launceston store) and Big W, in theory throughout Aus(and NZ?), also many places online. Almost entirely thanks to Random House, they get books on shelves! That said, we get the biggest buzz out of Tassie kids reading it and being able to say “Hey, I’ve been there!”, instead of trying to visualise somewhere like the US/Paris/London(the usual paranormal settings) šŸ™‚



  2. Believe it or not people ill also see it in Adelaide too šŸ™‚ – possible not as awe inspiring as Melbourne though. My favourite memory of Melbourne Zoo is eating warm tomato sanga’s


    1. Hi Sean,
      I actually really like Adelaide … even though the only time I’ve been there I had to attend a wedding in 45 degree heat … on a beach! But it was lovely and I’m so amazed and awed that there are some Thylas roaming around up there.
      Thank you for letting me know!
      Kate x


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