Revisiting Old Friends

Old Friends

Today, I started some editing on a manuscript I hadn’t seen for awhile. It was lovely – like going home to a high school reunion. Some of the people there you love to bits; some you’d forgotten even existed. A few you hate but, hopefully, they’re the people you were meant to hate. After all you wrote the nasty pasties!

This manuscript actually is set in my hometown and has a few characters loosely based on people I know or knew, so the feeling of coming home and seeing old mates is intensified. Another great thing about the editing I’m doing is my goal is to actually add twenty or so thousand words, so I get to build on the world of my novel; flesh out characters; explore situations and describe landscapes an important locations in more detail. It’s brilliant fun!

For me, creating a novel is an organic process. I rarely plan too much before I begin. I let the world evolve and the characters make their own journeys. I love that, in this manuscript, the characters feel like they’re on a genuine path of discovery, making mistakes and detours along the way. It feels real and I am loving going on the journey with them.

All right now. Best be off. My old friends are calling, wanting to catch up!