Thank you!!!


I just wanted to take some time to thank everybody for all the love they’ve been sending me about Thyla.

Being a writer is the best job in the whole entire universe, but it can be a bit nerve-wracking at times, especially when you’ve just sent a book out into the wild and you’re waiting to see if people will love it like you do. I’m guessing every writer feels like this, but it’s magnified if you’re naturally a tiny bit on the insecure side, like I am (I got called Ally McBeal at uni, not just because I was a skinny runt but also because I can be kind of neurotic. I don’t see dancing babies, though, so there’s hope for me yet).

I know it’s an achievement just to be published, in this tough market, and I know I am so lucky to not only have two books out but another one coming soon. But it’s still important to me to hear that people like what I’m doing. So thank you to the people who have commented on this blog, on Twitter, Facebook and on their own blogs, telling me that I’m doing okay. I really am so grateful, and chuffed that Thyla seems to be hitting a chord. I’m absolutely stoked that some of you are already telling me you can’t wait for Vulpi!

I sometimes think I’m crazy to want to be in an industry where you put yourself up for criticism and rejection on a daily basis, but all it takes is reading the gorgeous comments to make me remember how lucky I am. Plus, it’s all I know how to do (I’ve said before I can’t whistle, wink, ride a bike, drive a car, cook, sing, dance, click my fingers, knit, sew, cross my eyes or do anything else most normal people can do), so I guess that makes me doubly fortunate!

So thanks again, everyone, for making me believe I can still do it.

You’re kind of made of awesome.

Oh, and this is for Carma, who wanted to see the picture my dad’s partner painted; the one that inspired Thyla:


A forest full of Thylas (painting by Leigh Klein)

One thought on “Thank you!!!

  1. Wow! I love that painting, it is very intense. Leigh is very talented. I now see more of the forest better then before. I love drawing, but I’ve never been able to paint well. To paint this would have been difficult. Tell her she is an amazing painter!
    Thankyou for showing me this painting. 🙂
    I’m recommending your book to my friends.


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