When the deadline’s away … the plot bunny comes out to play!


Just a little plot bunny ...

For the first time in a little while, I am deadline-less. It’s a strange feeling. I’ve become so used to working to a schedule with a big, fat date hanging over my head and people actually waiting for the stuff I’m writing. But, while I wait for the next stage of work on Vulpi, the sequel to Thyla, and with no guest blogs or teacher notes to keep me out of trouble, I’m twiddling my thumbs …

Oh, except I’m not.

See, there’s this little paranormal novel plot bunny creature that’s been boinging around in my head for a little while now, giving me the occasional poke and making little bunny noises in an attempt to get my attention.

The bunny is a dark little mystery story about a girl called Leila who grows up surrounded by shadowy creatures. When she receives a scholarship to a mysterious academy, she learns that these shadows are actually shadowmen, malevolent creatures produced by evil men and women known as the Magi to act as their armies. The shadowmen are created when the Magi go through a death ceremony known as the Black Mass, in which a human sacrifice is given in order that the Magi might achieve immortality.

Of course the mysterious academy is no ordinary academy. It’s a school for shadow-catchers, a group whose aim is to stop the Magi from creating shadows and continuing their evil, murderous doings. And, to further add to the crazy circumstances Leila finds herself in, her mother, who disappeared a year before, is the headmistress of the academy. And Leila’s mum has even more surprises for her daughter, in the form of a father who is not the father Leila grew up with; a father who may or may not even be human …

Oh, plus there’s a sexy boy. Of course.

It’s all a bit of fun. It will probably go absolutely nowhere. But it’s kind of nice writing something nobody is waiting for; something that may or may not be a terrible pile of poo but, hey, who cares if it is?

On the other hand, it might end up being great. Who knows? All I know is, I’m not too good at twiddling my thumbs and, when I’m deadline-free, my plot bunnies come bounding out of the shadows, wanting to play.

And the bunnies I write? They tend to be dark and mysterious. And very fun!

5 thoughts on “When the deadline’s away … the plot bunny comes out to play!

  1. I loved Bunnicula! Read it (and the sequel, The Celery Stalks at Midnight) in about 1993. And was thinking about finding a copy to re-visit just the other day.
    Oh, and your plot bunny sounds grand, Kate. Write it!


    1. Hi, Lizz,
      Am trying! Having great fun in the process but we’ll see how it turns out! Lots of people are saying it sounds interesting, though, so I’m determined to do it!
      Kate xxx


  2. Would you like a new deadline? Because I’d like to read this! Also, shadowbunnies? Ever read Bunnicula by James Howe? It’s about a vampire bunny who sucks the life out of vegetables and the two canines who try to stop him. Brilliant!


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