Exciting Happenings at the Random House!


I got an email today to tell me about a wonderful competition being run by the publishers of Thyla, Random House Australia! It’s just about the coolest competition idea I’ve heard of, and I am already imagining how incredible it would be if my book was part of it. I can see it now: Hip, funky, clever-as teen makes super-awesome video of Thyla. Video goes viral. Author gets woken up by Tim Burton begging for the rights to make Thyla into major motion picture (possibly starring Emily Browning as Tessa and Chris Hemsworth as Perrin … of course he’s have to ditch the blonde Thor look but I’m sure we could persuade him). Thyla wins many, many awards and author and Husband Bear get to go to said awards ceremonies (possibly with Mephy Danger in handbag) in VERY PRETTY DRESSES!

But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself (a little bit).

Here are the details of the competition:


Are you a high school student who is a budding filmmaker and book lover?

Are you a teacher who is interested in getting your students to participate in a competition that not only benefits them, but your school as well?

This is a fun way to incorporate books into the classroom environment.

Random House are offering the chance for high school students to create one 90-second book trailer and win some fabulous prizes.

All you need to do is choose one of the 16 books and create a 90-second trailer.

All submitted entries must have the Assignment Deed form, Talent and Location Release form plus the entry form.

The winner will receive a massive cash prize of $1,000 plus $1000 worth of Random House books for their school!


Whether you choose to work with Thyla or not (though I have heard Mr Burton is particularly keen that you do), this is a great competition, with an amazing prize.

Go! Enter! Win stuff! … oh and, of course, more importantly, explore your creativity and artistic flair.

Thank you to Random House for this wonderful idea and for including me in it.

I feel like a Hollywood star already …

Click on this linky for more details: http://www.randomhouse.com.au/Kids/Default/Page/General/Section/teenbookvideoawards/

PS: I am stoked to see that my friend, Nansi Kunze’s book, Dangerously Placed is also one of the featured authors. If you don’t do Thyla, consider giving her glorious book a go.

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