Hunting Thylas …

Be vewwy vewwy quiet …

I’ve been hunting Thylas!

And what fun it has been!

Would you like to see the results of my covert mission?

My husband conducted a hunt of his own and took this shot of an author in the wild (next to the sign her high school put up advertising her visit!:

Have you spotted any Thylas in their natural habitats (i.e. book shops)? If so, I’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Hunting Thylas …

  1. everywhere in sydney! i just finished reading it = amazing!!!! when does vulpi come out šŸ˜› ???


  2. Dymocks, Hobart. Have photographic evidence if you desire. I read the first two chapters. I might go back and buy it next week šŸ™‚


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