What would be on your “oPod”?

Walking home from a writing session just then, I was listening (as always) to the gorgeous “Doctor” on Triple J. He was talking about Julia Gillard’s gift to Barack Obama – an iPod full of Aussie music. Apparently, there are zillions of Australian songs on there – new stuff and old. The “Doctor” agreed with my feeling about this: when the bejeepers is the Prez going to find time to listen to ALL of it? Answer, um, When the War is Over (see what I did there? That’s the title of a Cold Chisel song. Cold Chisel are an Australian band and … oh, forget it). So, what I thought I would do is compile my list of the TOP TWENTY songs that I (in all my tone-deaf expertise) would put on Barack’s iPod. These songs are not designed as a message to the big P. I just think they’re awesome and they might make Mr O do a happy dance or two. I’d like to see that!

Anyway, here ’tis:

  1. Protons, Neutrons, Electrons – The Cat Empire
  2. Let Me Be – Xavier Rudd
  3. Autumn Flow – Lior
  4. To Her Door – Paul Kelly
  5. Hand Me Downs – Bob Evans
  6. Middle of the Hill – Josh Pyke
  7. A Hole in the Garden – Jackson Jackson
  8. Bus Stop – The Basement Birds
  9. You Look So Good – Clare Bowditch
  10. Thank You – The Whitlams
  11. The Road Less Travelled – Graeme Connors
  12. It’s Only Natural – Crowded House
  13. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
  14. Flippers – Art vs Science
  15. I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum
  16. Prisoner of Society – The Living End
  17. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  18. Streets of Your Town – The Go Betweens
  19. We’re All Gonna Die Someday – Kasey Chambers, and, finally, because I’m a teenybopper at heart …
  20. I Want You – Savage Garden

So, there it is! What would make YOUR oPod?

6 thoughts on “What would be on your “oPod”?

    1. Don’t worry, Ezz. I spent years thinking the lyrics to “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” by Split Enz were actually “Six Months in Limbo”! And I reckon Crowded House probably qualify as being half-Kiwi … like Pavolva and Russell Crowe!


  1. and, I just checked the playlist you mentioned. I doubt Julia Gillard listens to Powderfinger and Wolfmother. Or maybe she does…


  2. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, because I think you’re an amazing writer, but aren’t Crowded House from New Zealand? Besides that, it’s a very good playlist. 🙂


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