Spending time with me (while Bear spends time with a Buck)

"Me time"

Today, Husband Bear went to his first buck’s weekend, somewhere up the far East Coast (is it a bad wifey thing that I’m not sure exactly where, except that it has the word “Bay” in the name … there can’t be many of those on the coast, can there?). You should have seen him. He was so excited. He woke up before his alarm went off (this NEVER happens), and was buzzing about like a busy bee bear packing bags and getting all excited and then packing other bags and GETTING EVEN MORE EXCITED.

It was cute.

Having never had the experience of sending HB away on a buck’s night before (he was meant to go to one last year but only remembered he was meant to be going the morning after – cue lots of grumpy-bearness), I couldn’t anticipate what emotions I would feel. Would I be nervous for him (they are BOYS. They might do SILLY AND DANGEROUS THINGS)? Would I be worried (he is a BOY. There might be girls PAID TO BE THERE … actually, though, logically, probably not. Unless HB’s friend, N* organises it. The “buck” doesn’t exactly strike me as a girls-paid-to-be-there kinda guy).

In actual fact, right now, I am just feeling … happy.

I am happy HB (who turns thirty this year), is out there somewhere (with Bay in the name), having fun, being a “boy”. HB has a stressful job, and it’s been hard for him lately, helping me while I go through various health dramas. I’m glad he’s getting a chance to let off steam. I hope he comes back with something written in permanent marker on his face, or vegemite all over his clothes (as long as I don’t have to wash them), or whatever else it is they get up to on these things. I hope he has an AWESOME TIME.

I am also happy because I had a nice day. It wasn’t nice because HB wasn’t here. It was nice because, well … hang on …

Sorry, just had to go and growl at Mephy Danger for getting in the crockery cupboard again. I have no idea what he does in there … Anyway, back to it …

I am happy because today I just spent time with me. I took me to yoga. I took me to a cafe, where me and I had fun editing some Book Three. I let me splurge on a yummy gluten free salad thing at Mortys instead of going home and eating boring “we already have food in the house” food. I indulged me by letting her read a fun, trashy book. I even made me laugh by dancing around the lounge room to dodgy nineties songs they were playing on Rage (you should see my “Here Comes the Hotstepper” dance. Man, I rocked that song). Soon, me and I are going to go and watch one of the silly movies I keep recording on our new, whizz bang hard drive dooverlackey and never watch because I know HB would hate them.

Today, I quite enjoyed my own company. I’ve always been kind of a solitary person, and my Mum always goes on about how good I was as a kid because I was able to “entertain myself”. My day may not have all the larks and craic that I’m sure Bear has had, but I dug it.

Tomorrow, I know I’ll be looking forward to Bear coming back from the Bucks Bash in the (something) Bay. Tonight, though, it’s just me and MDG and, as long as I can keep him out of the crockery cupboard, I know we’re going to have a damn good time.

Now, I just need to find my favourite fluffy socks and we’ll be in business.