Thyla covers & lovely news

Taking a teeny amount of time out from being auctioneer woman (at to share a little Squee with you. I just … got my first feedback on THYLA! GAH!

My friend, who runs a book shop, gave his proof to his wife (who writes reviews), and he told me she couldn’t stop reading it! I am super dooper chuffed. It means a lot because my friend is sort of a Bernard Black-ish character (only the good aspects of his character, not the mental ones), and I know he would not have offered the information if he didn’t mean it. So I am a happy young lass right now.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the very pretty cover:

And here is where you can read more about it:

And, if you would like to, here is where you can bid on a signed copy (to be sent when it comes out in April):

Righto, that’s enough trumpet-blowing for now (I promise, I do this very rarely, but I’m a bit excited). Off to do more auction-y stuff!

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