How can writers help flood victims?

As the flooding in Queensland gets more and more horrific, I am wishing for the first time that I WAS actually “The Next JK Rowling” (I couldn’t, actually, think of anything worse. I’m a writer because I’m a shy hermit, not because I want to be a celebrity). If I WAS “The Next JK Rowling”, though, I’d have piles of money to donate to flood relief. Sadly, since HB and I have quite a big mortgage, one income and a hungry Mephy to feed, I can only donate so much. But something I do have more of these days, since becoming a FTW (Full Time Writer), is time.

So, what I want to know is, “How can a girl who’s poor and pretty much terrible at anything except writing” (see list of failures, including: “can’t cook, ride a bike, click my fingers, whistle, timer record stuff, remember to buy toothpaste, fix vaccuum cleaners, etc. etc. etc.”) help? Is there any way we writers can somehow band together to contribue something? The glorious Miss Emily Gale suggested donating signed copies of our books, or MS assessments, to an online auction. What do people think about this? Would anyone else be interested?

If anybody else has any ideas, or has seen something already happening (maybe with one of the author societies???), please let me know. I am desperate to help. In the meantime, as soon as HB comes home with the credit card, I will be donating here. I am absolutely heartbroken at the thought of what impact this crisis is having on the wildlife of Queensland. The people need help and support and money and so do the animals.

Please let me know of any thoughts you have.

Love, Kate

UPDATE: The wonderful Katrina Germein, Fleur McDonald and Emily Gale have taken this ball and run with it, big time. We now have a Facebook page, where you can let us know what you would like to donate to our auction. Please have a look and let us know if you think you are able to help. If you are not able to donate anything, maybe you can help us to promote it through your blogs, Facebook pages or Twitter. Thank you to everyone who has already been so supportive of this.

24 thoughts on “How can writers help flood victims?

  1. I have an insignificant little blog that helps writers, (or at least tries to) 🙂

    I have noted your blog on my site in the hope that my overseas readers will see and come to your site and the RSPCA and Qld Govt. and give a hand.

    Yes, as writers we may feel helpless, and I must say I did for a while too. But with your help and the help of others we may be able to make a difference. If every person just did one small thing I’m sure it would add up to a huge difference.

    Good luck with sending out the message and getting real help. I hope all the flood victims can get back to some sense of normality as quickly as possible.

    What you are doing is commendable. I’m sure the flood victims would thank you if they could.



  2. Hey Kate
    Am not on facebook but will gladly donate signed audiobooks of Notes from the Teenage Underground and Everything Beautiful. Let me know where to send when you now,


    1. Wow, thank you Simmone! I can post your donation to our Facebook page, if you are happy to have your name on there. We are trying to keep everything on facebook so it’s central. Really appreciate your support!!!


  3. Great idea!
    There’s also the 100 Stories for Queensland currently gathering short story submissions for a fund raising anthology that they’ll get out pretty promptly:

    and a fund raising early-release addition of the anthology of After the Rain:

    Blown away at the way the writing community has come together (and devastated by how many have been effected)


    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for this. It’s so very appreciated. Just wondering if you’d mind popping your donation on the Facebook page, so we can keep things central? If you’re not on Facebook, let me know and I can put it on for you.


  4. I’m leaning towards the auction idea as it means time-poor people can contribute, too? And maybe we could look at the writeathon and book donations as a long-term thing (obviously they’ll need long-term support up there, too). I guess now what we do is evaluate whether that site looks any good (it did to me, but I’m a noob), and then promote and get people on board? I’m going offline for a bit now, but we’ll keep the conversation going. Feel free to ask any writer mates if they’d be willing to donate some stuff!


  5. Kate – totally understand your concerns re: anthology…just to explain further, only a handful did it ‘in person’, the rest via email…so we received prompts via email on the hour, and we had to email our stories within that hour…for 24 hours! I only managed to go through the night and then stopped at midday (my daughter was only little so I was breastfeeding in between stories). I wasn’t one of the organisers so can’t vouch for how much of a nightmare it was… But if people like the auction idea let’s go with that instead.


  6. Great post, Kate! I second the idea of donating to the RSPCA in Queensland – I also donated to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal (which can be found here, folks: I like the sound of donating signed copies of books! Wish I had the time to be able to offer manuscript assessments, but sadly I don’t. 😦 I hope some other authors have some great ideas for you!


  7. Emily, I think that’s a really awesome idea – the writeathon – but I worry it would take too long to organise? And would we all need to be in the same location? How did you do it last time? Katrina and Christina, I think we could do both of those things. Emily found a really good auction site on the internet we could use for an auction. Perhaps we can contact the State Library in Queensland about donating books? Or their education department?


    1. I think the book donations for libraries schools etc would work better later when people are in a position to receive the donations. I think for now a fast-ish way to raise cash would be most helpful.


  8. Kate, I was thinking just the same thing this morning. What can I do from so far away? How can I use my books to help. I wondered about how to organize an Authors for Queensland donation, where authors, publishers and any lover of books can donate books to Queensland, perhaps schools, local libraries and even families. Books are the hardest to carry, the easiest damaged by water and the last to be replaced, yet books can offer escape, hope and a sense of normality to all who read. Schools will be book less, small local libraries probably the same. How can we go about doing something like is?


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