Deciding it’s okay to be lazy

Hi y’all!

Since I’ve been sick today, nothing much has actually happened in the mint-green cottage (at least, to me. Who knows what Mephy Danger has been up to. Possibly planning world domination, I suspect). In fact, this is a list of things that have happened to me today:

  1. Went to doctor. Doctor gave me antibiotics. Yay.
  2. Came home. Did some final edits for Thyla. Also yay but bit scary, too. My tiger pup will soon be out in the world! Eep!
  3. Read some
  4. Decided was going to do some yoga. Moved coffee table in order to have room to do yoga. This tired me out and so I went back to the couch.
  5. Filled in an author survey thingie (so much fun. I LOVE surveys).
  6. Ate some egg fried rice and tomato sauce (please don’t judge me).
  7. Watched a taped episode of QI in which I found out that the Romans thought that a giraffe was a product of a cheetah and a camel mating. Interesting.
  8. Ate an apple.
  9. Read some magazines my dad gave me.
  10. Rang my mum.
  11. Twittered a bit.
  12. Had a big lie down.
  13. Ummmm …

Okay, so, as you can see, the above makes for a VERY BORING BLOG POST.

HOWEVER! Instead of doing what I’d usually do and go all guilty-writer-girl on myself for my laziness, I have decided to CONGRATULATE MYSELF. Yes, that’s right! I didn’t write my 2,000 words. I didn’t read anything “worthy”. I didn’t go to the gym. I wasn’t even particularly nice to my husband this morning (that, I am a tiny bit guilty about. He did, after all, drive me to the doctor and put up with my hysterics. And let me listen to Josh Ritter in the car).

But, see, I am SICK. And when you are SICK, it is kind of like your body’s way of saying, “Whoooaaahhh there, pony. Just take a break from all this galloping around and just, you know, eat some oats and chill”*. Usually, I would have pushed on through, and pretended I wasn’t sick, and that is probably why I get sick in the first place. Usually, I’d think a day like today was laziness and meant it was “lost” or “written off”. Instead, today, I am going to congratulate myself for giving my body what it needed: rest.

Now, I’m going to put on the sappy romantic comedy I taped off the telly last night. I might eat some cornflakes. I’ll invite Mephy to come and join me. He’s an expert in being lazy …

When he’s not plotting world domination, of course!

*Nb I do know that, as I have coeliac disease, eating oats is probably not a good idea. Let’s substitute rice or corn, hey?

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