News from the mint green cottage

Today has been a lovely day in mint green cottage world. I have continued on my eating-too-many-cornflakes journey and have found a whole new level of obsession. Only thing that would make them better is if they were the kind of foodstuff one could eat with tomato sauce.

Mephy Danger has dragged his food bowl from its usual spot beside the fridge in the kitchen to the borderlands between kitchen and lounge room. He is periodically sniffing it. I spoiled him for life on New Year’s Eve by giving him a treat of tuna mornay flavoured Dine and now no food lives up.

I have begun the third book in the Thyla cycle – Sarco. This makes me very excited!

Bear and I have watched one whole season of Friends since Christmas and I feel like a very sad product of the 90’s (sure, I was born in the 80’s but I was only 8 when they ended and I reject everything about them except Robert Palmer, John Hughes movies and Back to the Future), that I remember many, many lines, including one of my obscure favourites: “Hey, that monkey’s got a Ross on his ass!”

My dad and I went to see “Somewhere” which is kind of awesome and kind of dull and I can’t work out which of these things it is more. I loved so many scenes – especially the ones with Elle Fanning in them – but that scene with the plaster cast of Stephen Dorff’s head? Wanted. To. Stab. Eyes. Out. With. Pencil. So. Bored.

Bear made bangers and mash for tea. It was cute.

I taught my dad how to do some stuff on Goodreads he didn’t know how to do. He loves that site like the deserts loves the rain. Or something. Plus, he writes damn good reviews.

I discovered there is nothing better than a good Polski Ogorki after a long day being a FTW.

I also discovered that just because it is super warm and sunny of an afternoon when I put my clothes out, doesn’t mean it won’t pelt down with rain at midnight. Not sure why this is a revelation after five years in Hobart.

Dang it.

But apart from that, not a bad day, all things considered!