Things I’ll Miss About Hobart …

I am trying to get Husband Bear off the computer* and into packing mode. This is not an easy task. HB’s computer may as well be another appendage on his body. He doesn’t feel right when he’s not sitting at it. He keeps saying, “It shouldn’t be long, Sweetie,” and I keep getting progressively more inclined to put on my new Pink CD at full volume. Just because it will annoy him. I’ve been waiting for half an hour now, and I know you are probably thinking, “Why don’t you just go and get started yourself?”


So, instead of doing that, I have decided to … um, get on my own computer. I was going to blog today, anyway …

My first thought was that I’d blog about things HB does that annoy me. But, unfortunately, there aren’t all that many and, besides, I want him to proofread a manuscript for me, so I’d better stay in his good books. Instead, I decided I’d go with the packing and moving theme and write a list of things I’ll miss about Hobart (in no particular order).

  1. My gym, Genesis. The people there are the awesome, and they play MTV classic, so I can watch old Paul McCartney concerts and “The Evolution of Crowded House” while on the treadmill. Plus, yogalates and aerumba are too fun to actually be exercise.
  2. Cool Wine. I’m not a wine drinker at all, or even a big drinker of anything, but I do like a quality cider, and this place also has the best selection of kooky ciders this side of Hertfordshire. Plus, the staff are amazingly nice.
  3. Ellison Hawker – geek paradise.
  4. The mint-green cottage. But, luckily, I know Mum will look after it well.
  5. Wandering from the mint-green cottage down to Salamanca for a cup of tea at Machine Laundry or the Retro Cafe.
  6. My writing group – Larissa, Tansy, Em, Tracey and Sarah. I’ll miss you, and our possie at Mures, heaps, but HB has promised to bring me down every couple of weeks – yay!
  7. JB Hi Fi. But I’ll replace it with Mojo Music (and internet ordering), so it’s not so bad.
  8. Snow on the mountain.
  9. The State Cinema. Where am I going to get my fix of non-wanky arthouse in Launnie???
  10. The Alley Cat, the Republic and The New Sydney – the holy trinity of Hobart pubs.

I’m sure there are heaps more things that I’ll find I miss once I’m gone. I know it’s not a big move (seriously, it’s two and a half hours with a teensy bit more if you stop for coffee in Campbell Town). I know I’m not emigrating to Alaska, and I know HB and I will come down often, so he can be a pirate and I can be a writer-group-person …

But I will miss that mountain. And I’ll miss the people down here who have made Hobart feel like home.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Bear, OFF THAT COMPUTER RIGHT NOW!

* Bear has asked me to blog a retraction. He was not on the computer playing a game (as I thought he was at first). He was actually doing very important work stuff on his day off. Work stuff which is not only very important AND clever, but was also earning us much-needed-for-moving monies. I am sorry, my darling Bear. You are the awesome.

3 thoughts on “Things I’ll Miss About Hobart …

  1. Music as punishment: When directed towards offensive noisy neighbours in Brunswick at about 9 am on a Sunday morning Ride of the Valkyries is a favourite.
    For offensive lying past flatmates, Liar by the Sex Pistols at 6.30am on the dot made me feel a lot better. Not sure if it sunk into her fat skull.
    For normal people I find there is a use for that signed copy of Bardot’s album after all.


  2. I’m not fmailiar with where you live or where you are moving to but good luck with it all. I’m with Lily on the Christmas CDs, they are my preferred method of family torture ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. At least you’re moving within Tassie – imagine how devastating it would be to leave the island! We hope to lob into Hobart in the next two-three years. Cannot wait to be there longer than one-two weeks at a time!

    Oh, and HBs do get annoying from time to time. Mine likes Pink, so I’d have to find something else…endless Christmas CDs tend to work ๐Ÿ˜‰


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