My big life change

The Gorge in Launnie

Well, I have returned from my coastal Chrissie with a spoiled-person’s number of wondrous pressies. I now have ALL 238 episodes of Friends on DVD, a beautiful pair of crystal earrings, a new, wondrous painting by my talented stepmumish (she’s my Dad’s partner, if you want to get technical), a beautiful, beautiful bird paperweight from my parents-in-law, a voucher to go out to dinner, a Bruce Springsteen DVD, a mini replica Beatles guitar, the new Lior CD, oh and, yeah, a new house.

WHATWHATWHATWHATWHAT??? I hear you ask (well, in point of fact, this is what I imagine you are asking right now. Some of you might actually be asking “Who is Bruce Springsteen?” If you are, SHAME ON YOU IN CAPITAL LETTERS). My answer to those of you asking that first question is: Yup. The Bear and I are on the move.

Bear has been unhappy and I have been ambivalent about living in Hobes for some time now. This is not a slight on our adopted city. It’s really pretty here, and there’s plenty of great things to do but, see, we’re a bit isolated down here. Most of our family and friends are up the Coast still, and Bear misses his Ma and Pa terribly. We’ve been thinking of ways we could relocate for awhile. Bear has been wanting to move to Launceston as it’s central and he can transfer there in his job as a Very Smart Somthing in Computing Stuff. In a stroke of luck, MY Ma has just found out she’s been transferred to Hobart, meaning her lovely house in Invermay (Launceston) is suddenly vacant.

Mum suggested we do a houseswap. Bear and I were um-ing and ah-ing UNTIL …

On the night before Christmas (well, actually, the 23rd, but that doesn’t sound as good), we found out our best friends (who live in Launnie) are preggers. HELLO, AUNTIE KATE AND UNCLE LEIGH! Throw in my few conditions (we can go down every couple of weeks so I can still go to my writing group, that I can join a good gym in Launnie and that we can get a dog), and we’d almost decided.

The final piece in the puzzle came to me when I was thinking about my writing. I was pondering how I could continue to write the Thyla series without being in Hobart (where the first two books are set), but then, like a bolt, I realised if one of my characters relocated to Launceston, it would actually give me a really amazing premise for the next book! And that was it. Done and dusted: Bear and I are going to Launceston in a month! Woot!

I am so very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Bear will have much less stress, I will get to be with my bestie as she goes through her big life change AND it will give me great fodder for my writing. Plus, the in-laws are just up the road, we don’t need to give up the mint-green cottage and we can travel between my mum and my dad with the greatest of ease.

Best Christmas present. OF. ALL. TIME.

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  1. Sounds wonderful, Kate! I loved Launceston when I went down to Agfest for Blue Skies. We stayed right in the middle of these wonderful historic buildings, which were amazing and the colours of the leaves were just devine!


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