All I want for Christmas …

Need a reason to be grateful at Christmas? Be gratfeul Bill Nighy exists!

What follows – I have to warn you – is my cheesy, bleeding-heart soppy leftie doofusy Christmas post. It’s part “What Christmas means to me” and part a Christmas list of things that would make me really, really, awesomely happy if they happened in the new year or very soon.

The impetus for this list was walking through the streets of Hobart today and getting all buzzy-happy watching all the people scooting around, banding together in this great, big crazy thing that is pre-Christmas. I wondered what they were wishing for. I wondered if they were wishing for the same things as I was (or just that Sush hadn’t run out of pumpkin and pesto sushi … okay, that one was me, too).

Now, for me Christmas doesn’t have a huge, big religious meaning. In fact, Tim Minchin’s controversial Christmas song pretty much sums it up for me: Christmas is about family. It’s about love. It’s about showing the people who mean the most to you that you appreciate them. It’s white wine (or, in my case, cider), in the sun (or, in Tassie’s case, grey sky and drizzle – but who cares?).

It’s not about turkey. In my house, it’s about Dad’s chickpea and grape salad (trust me, it works). It’s about Mum and I trying to wake up Husband Bear so we can open pressies, both acting like excited children.

It’s about talking to Laurel (Muvver-in-law) about horses and reiki, and to Craig about poetry and the meaning of life. It’s about forgetting that I’m 28 and Lil Bro is 23 and acting like we’re eight and five. It’s about the supreme privilege of hugging my Nan, of being grateful – as always – that I have the best Dad’s-partner on the planet, about my Auntie Shirley still calling me Katie and knowing I’m still five years old in her eyes. It’s about going to the Prickly Cactus with Jules and Ryan and realising I am so lucky to have those precious people in my life.

It’s about knowing that even if I do get a migraine and have to spend some of Christmas in a darkened room, when I emerge, nobody will judge me. That I am completely safe and accepted with them.

I know that many people aren’t as lucky as I am, to have a family as incredible as mine. I am grateful, always and every day, but especially on Christmas. But, see, the thing is, Christmas means something different for everyone. It might be the day you curl up on the couch with your cat and watch the Home Alone movies (except number 3. That one sucked). It might be the day you treat yourself to a lunch at your favourite restaurant. It might be the day you sleep in and then eat pea and ham soup for lunch (hello, bruvver-in-law, Neil). Whatever the case, on Christmas, there is something to be grateful for, and something to wish for in the coming year.

On that note, here are my Christmas wishes this year:

  1. That Tasmania’s precious forests will always be safe
  2. That all chickens, fish, cows, sheep and pigs (and assorted other beings that double as human food) will get a chance to live a happy life in the outdoors
  3. That no animal should be sacrificed in the sake of fashion or vanity
  4. That everyone should have a warm, safe place to go for Christmas
  5. That those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas get to have many happy days with their family and friends
  6. That the people our government turned away when they needed help can forgive those of us who did not vote for that government. And that some other “lucky country” can give them a place to be safe
  7. That the victims of natural disasters the world over are given the help they need to rebuild their lives
  8. That our stupid government realises love – gay, straight or whatever way you like it – is love and it’s precious, and that just because someone happens to love someone of the same gender doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same basic human rights as anyone else
  9. That every child should know love
  10. That every young girl who thinks she is not thin enough or pretty enough or enough enough will realise she is perfect just the way she is
  11. That people of different religions will realise we’re all the same, really. We’re all made of stars. We’re all so lucky to be here. It’s a massive, amazing, joyful act of chance that we’re here. We need to value THIS life and treat each other well
  12. That all the people who made my life so special this year will know how much I love them. This means you, Leigh Bear, Dad, Mum, Richard, Laurel, Craig, Shirley, Nan, Keith, Leigh-Leigh, Julia, Rachel, Mel, Chloe, Shelley, Roz, Larissa, Trace, Em & Mephy Danger Gordon
  13. That the people who helped my books come to life know they’ve helped me fulfil a life-long dream and I will be forever grateful
  14. That Nick Hornby and Nick Earls will put out new books soon
  15. That Take That will tour Australia

I know. I know the last one probably won’t happen. But, you know what, I’m never going to stop wishing.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Love, Kate x

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas …

  1. What a fantastic list! I’m so with you on these 🙂 From one Leftie Authorgirl to another: have a happy, healthy Christmas, Kate!


  2. Wow. That really was a cheesy soppy post. But what a wonderful post. I couldn’t agree more, about Christmas being about family and love and caring. I am so honoured to be on that list. You’ve made my life special too this year. Love you right back.


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