What I’m thankful for

In the USA, they have a holiday called “Thanksgiving”. According to the modern-life-enabling wondrousness that is Wikipedia:

Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. While there was an underlying religious element in the original celebration, Thanksgiving today is primarily identified as a secular holiday.

Religious Americans give thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day, but it is also a day to give thanks for those things in your life that make it worth living.

In Australia, we don’t have an equivalent day – a day when we reflect on the things that are super-awesome about our lives. Sure, we have Australia Day, but the number of us giving thanks for the massacre and subsequent degradation of the owners of the amazing land we live in is dwindling every year as we realise what a sucky thing it actually was.

But I’m going off on a tangent here (I’m super-dooper good at that). What I’m trying to say is, sometimes I wish Australia had a Thanksgiving Day. Not to say thanks to God, or for the harvest, or for the founding fathers (and mothers, goshdarnit), of the country we are so very lucky to live in, but just to say a big “ta” to the universe for giving us so many wonderful gifts.

I, like many people, get visited by the black dog sometimes. Some days, life can seem a bit gloomy and I walk around carrying a big “harrumph”. Something that helps me is to say “thanks” to the universe when something good happens. This might be a huge thing like having a manuscript accepted, or it might be as tiny as getting that ball of paper in the bin! At last! Hurrah!

Here is my list of things I’m thankful for today:

  1. My dad sending me an email asking how my weekend was. He does this every week. I love that it matters to him.
  2. My mum sending me an email saying “of course” it’s okay for HB and I to stay at her place for a couple of nights next week.
  3. Mephy Danger for doing some truly stupendous “mega flops” when I got home today.
  4. My HB for “surprising me” with his new haircut. He was so proud of himself for keeping it secret. And for him making his own tea when I told him I needed to blog.
  5. The sales assistant at Target for remembering me coming in last week (even though it’s crazy pre-Christmas retail time), and asking how my day had gone. And then actually listening and caring when I told her. And then seeming so chuffed when I asked her how hers was.
  6. The gorgeous Fleur McDonald for alerting me to this post about Daisy Blue by the marvellous Onions http://alienonion.blogspot.com/2010/12/very-onion-christmas-teen-and-ya.html.
  7. Gluten Free chocolate mud cake bar. No explanation needed.
  8. Time to go to the gym and chill out on the treadmill while reading the thoroughly entertaining Halo by the astonishingly talented Alexandra Adornetto.
  9. Getting to lose myself in the world of the Vulpis and Thylas. It’s kind of magical there.
  10. Trackie Dacks. My couch. My Husband Bear. My Mephy. A trashy mag. The Spice Girls on the CD player. A soy candle burning. A mug of Sleepytime tea. Bliss.

And there are probably another ten or twenty or thirty things I could have added to that list. Little reasons to live. Little things to be thankful for. I don’t need a special day to list them. Every day can be Thanksgiving Day.

PS: I know this post is a tad cheesy. But, like The Spice Girls, sometimes cheesy can also be secretly awesome.

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