The pictures that are inspiring me

As I edit Vulpi – the sequel to Thyla (Random House, 2011) – I’m hunting around for visual images to inspire me. Here are some from today:

Gothic Tasmanian wilderness
A painting of an Aboriginal family
The Norfolk Bay Convict Station, where a major battle occurs
HB actually works on this ship & it's the inspiration for the Diemen brigantine

A Vulpi ancestor ...

... and a Thyla ancestor!

This is how I imagine the main character, Cat (actually it's Bryce Dallas Howard)

... and this is sexy Archie Matthews (Damien Lewis)

This is the gorgeous Marissa Gibson - my Erin

Finally, this is Charlotte Lord - daughter of a Diemen. Do we trust her or not?

As my first major project as a full-time writer, Vulpi is a thrilling rollercoaster ride. It’s the most violent book I have ever written (someone gets impaled!!!) and, I think, the scariest, but I hope it’s also funny and smart. Every day, I can’t wait to delve into the world of the Thylas, Sarcos, Vulpi and Diemens (less so the Diemens. Those guys are SCARY). I only hope when people get to read it, they will enjoy it as much, and create their own images of the world I have created.

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