My wonderful news

Hi all,

I am very happy, grateful and humbled by the news I received last night. Months ago, I applied for an Arts Tasmania grant to allow me to work on the Thyla trilogy. I applied for a sum of money I never in my wildest dreams imagined they would even consider giving me – approximately six months’ wages. This money would allow me to devote the time to the Thyla project – and other writing projects I care deeply about – on a full-time basis.

Last night, HB and I arrived home to find a big package from Arts Tasmania. I had received the grant. Much shellshocked walking around the mint-green cottage (me), and methodical reading of the contract (HB) ensued.

This new has changed my future fundamentally. It will give me a chance to make my writing into a career, which is something I am desperate to do. Of course, this means that some big changes will need to be made in my life, and this saddens me greatly, but with all things (including my health), considered, it is something I just have to do.

I am so grateful to Arts Tas for seeing the potential in my project, and to HB for helping me with the tricky financials of my application.

I was also thrilled to see that my dear friend, Tansy Rayner Roberts, also received a grant to work on her Siren Beat series which, if the novella and her other works are anything to go by, will set the world on fire. Another friend of mine, Adam Ouston, received a grant for his band, All Fires The Fire, who are amazing and are sure to be the next big thing (in my humble opinion).

So, all in all, Arts Tas, hats off to you. You have made this little writer girl and her friends very, very chuffed indeed.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic news, Kate! I’m SO pleased to hear that – and I can’t wait to read the results of your new full-time job. 😀


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