Top 10 Beatles songs

Today in my Punch newsletter there was an article that (as a huge, huge Beatles fan – which yes, I know, does not fit in with my metal/alt country image. But I do not like having an “image” anyway, so I don’t mind), had my computer clicky finger clicking at double speed. The Punch dudes (or, more specifically, Punch dude Paul Colgan), had put together their list of top ten Bealtles songs. Hurrah! If there is one thing I love more than the Beatles (and I love them a LOT. I went to the UK to see Strawberry Field, The Cavern, Penny Lane …), it’s a good LIST!

And the one thing I love more than a good list is a good COUNTER LIST. I love to look at the lists other people make and say, “Well, that list is fundamentally WRONG and the writer just knows NOTHING. NOOOOTTTTHHING!!!”

So here, in the red corner, is Paul Colgan’s list (as you can see, fundamentally WRONG, though these are all AWESOME songs. BUT NOT THE BEST SONGS):

10. All Together Now

9. I Feel Fine

8. Hey Jude

7. Blackbird

6. She Loves You

5. Day Tripper

4. Hard Day’s Night

3. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

2. Eight Days a Week

1. Can’t Buy Me Love

Justification for these choices can be found at:

And here, in the pink and glittery corner is my ABSOLUTELY 100% ACCURATE AND CORRECT LIST:

10. Paperback Writer

Because I am one. And so this is kinda my theme song.

9. Run For Your Life.

Because it’s super-creepy and for some reason, I LIKE that in a song (not so much in real life).

8. I’m Looking Through You

The. Best. Breakup. Song. Ever (and also good for those days when your husband SAYS he will vaccuum but instead plays Guitar hero all day. This NEVER happens in our house …)

7. Michelle

Well, because it’s super-awesome, obviously, but also because it taught me the one piece of French that I know that isn’t ballet positions or food.

6. I Am The Walrus

Because of the fun my Dad and I used to have dancing like total loons around the living room singing, “Oompa Loompa, stick it oop yer joompa”!

5. Julia

Because it is so, so, so, so sad, but also because my best mate is named after this song!

4. I’m Only Sleeping

The ULTIMATE lazy day song.

3. It’s Only Love

The song that got me through my first (of many) unrequited crush.

2. The Fool On The Hill

Because it’s my OTHER theme song.

1. In My Life

Because it’s the song my precious husband and I walked down the aisle* to. And it says everything that needs to be said about how I feel about him.

* Actually a mud track at Cradle Mountain

Okay, so OBVIOUSLY this is the most correct and perfect list of top ten Beatles songs OF ALL TIME, but if you think you can do better … go on, I challenge you. This is me throwing down the gauntlet … or the fake mop top wig.

One last word from our sponsor (i.e. me), if any of you have the opportunity to see the great Leonard Cohen in your part of the world, do it. His concert on Monday night was just transcendent. Clare Bowditch was right when she said he is God. I cried four times. He got three standing ovations. It was magic, magic, magic. And so I end this post about great music with this – one of the greatest songs of all time: