My current earworms …

Just because it’s Friday arvo, which is also, coincidentally, known in these parts as “Kate gets a bit distracted and starts singing random songs and eating too many potato chips” arvo, and just because I know how much YOU all love a good earworm, here is my list of top five songs I cannot get out of my head today.

(with linkies, so you can get them stuck in your head also! Hurrah!)

  1. The Script – For the First Time. This song was played LOTS on our campyvanning UK holiday. I know it’s pop and naff but I dug it:
  2. Shame – Robbie and Gary. This song is mega, mega, mega cute (as are Robbie and Gary):
  3. Hallelujah – Pain of Salvation. Am going to see the great Mr Cohen himself next week, but you’ve all seen his version. This one, by the awesome metal act Pain of Salvation, is epic:
  4. LDN – Lily Allen. Because I wish I was there!
  5. Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi. Just because I think the wuppawuppawuppawuppawuppa at the start is THE DARNED CATCHIEST THING EVER (and cos me and HB sing this to each other when times get tough)

Well, that’s all folks. Hope your ears are suitably wormy now. Happy Glorious Weekend!

PS: If you want, tell me your earworms so I can add to my collection!

One thought on “My current earworms …

  1. Love that description – earworms!
    Hmm. Some of my recent ones are:
    Tender – Blur. Just a glorious song about longing.

    Muscle Museum – Muse. Love the bass line in this.

    Don’t Break My Heart – UB40. Just love it.

    Doesn’t Remind Me – Audioslave. I’m so in love with Chris Cornell right now. *sigh* Why can’t I find one of him?


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