My lovely launch

Hurrah! Lovely Husband Bear has finally put up the photos from my launch (he is not a slack husband; he has just been very busy being an important system administrator and part-time pirate).

The launch of Daisy Blue was just wondrous. So many friends and family came and there was a lot of love in the room. Kathryn Lomer, author of The Spare Room and What Now, Tilda B was so giving and eloquent in her introduction. She’s a real hero of mine, and I was so chuffed to hear all the super-nice things she had to say about the book. She read it three times and really gave a lot of thought to her comments. I am so appreciative!

It was also really wonderful to receive some beautiful flowers from the gorgeous Allen and Unwin rep, Christiana and the marvellous Alien Onions. I only wished the Onions could have been there to hear me thank them! The same goes to Nan Halliday. I’d be nowhere without you!

To my friends and family – some of whom travelled for hours to get there – I love you. To HB for supporting me through all of this (and for being my “manager” and IT administrator), you are made of so many kinds of awesome I can’t even begin to describe them all!