Daisy Blue has entered the world!

She's here!

It was with great excitement (puncturing the jetlag) that I came home from the UK to find a box of shiny, book-smelling copies of my first novel, Three Things About Daisy Blue. It was a bit overwhelming (made even more so by aforementioned jetlag) finally seeing my work in print. And they look so beautiful!

It was with even greater excitement that I sneakily checked the shelves at my local Dymocks to see if there were copies, only to find there were five copies, and a gap next to the fifth one, which I am, of course, taking as a sure indication that one had been bought! Oh, and I was right next to the YA version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, which is only MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME, EVER!!!

So that was kind of super.

Of course, the Husband Bear has been out stalking the other bookshops (where they all know me and so I am too embarrassed to go in), and has reported that there are Daisies on shelves, and some have, again, been taken to new homes.

I also got my first piece of fan mail. GAH!

And my family have now read it. And they loved it. My precious Dad even sent me a card with a lengthy critique! My Mum loves Daisy. My boss reported that she “thoroughly enjoyed it” (and this is not a lady who frequently reads YA books), and another colleague reported that she found it “engrossing”!

Holy moley, as Daisy would say!

This weekend is the launch. I am, of course, very, very scared. But there will be champagne, and even though I am usually a “don’t drink until it’s dark” kind of girl, and my launch is at 2pm, I think I might have maybe one glass. After my speech, of course!

I just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to the incredible team at Allen and Unwin, and my super-hard-working, gorgeous agent Nan Halliday, and to my wonderful Husband Bear, without whom none of this would ever be possible.

I may come down from cloud nine sometime in 2057.

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  1. That is just BRILLIANT news! I know how it feels, and I’m so happy for you 🙂 Congratulations and enjoy- looking forward to hearing about the launch.


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