Well, the jetlag has finally subsided …

And I can finally view my trip with a clear head, instead of one filled with grouchy elves.

And the view is … magic. The UK is such an incredible place. There were only one or two places that we didn’t totally fall in love with, and even those had their wonderful points!

There are too many fabulous memories to write about them all (and it would bore you to tears!!!), but here is a shor list of the really huge highlights:

  • Crying on the graves of Lewis Carroll and Thomas Hardy (my heroes) in Westminster Abbey
  • Seeing the ORIGINAL (HANDWRITTEN) Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Alice in Wonderland – with crossing out of words and everything – at the British Library
  • Going to Aidensfield (sorry, Goathland), of Heartbeat fame
  • Climbing to the Uffington white horse and the (very naughty) Cerne Giant
  • Seeing fireworks over the castle in Edinburgh
  • Going to the booktown Hay-on-Wye (where we took a wrong turn and accidentally ended up back in England!!!)
  • Tintagel – King Arthur’s birthplace (maybe). Whatever its true history, a totally, incredibly magical place
  • Going to Penny Lane, Abbey Road and Strawberry Fields (yes, I am a sad Beatles tragic)
  • Seeing my favourite (non-metal) singer, Josh Ritter, playing live in the heartbreakingly beautiful Oxford Town Hall
  • The Shambles in York
  • Catching a real steam train through the Yorkshire Dales
  • Stonehenge (duh, but it was more magic than you could ever imagine from the photos)
  • Seeing real Degas, and Holbein, and Van Gogh, and Da Vinci, and Goya, and Picasso, and Modigliani and DID I MENTION DEGAS??? (Sorry, I kinda love him)
  • Seeing original Beatrix Potter sketches and paintings in the Lake District
  • Chips! Cider! English gluten free food (soooooo much better than here!)
  • DUCKS!
  • Sorry, got carried away there!
  • Dorset – Thomas Hardy country. Amazing, amazing place. Will live there one day when am rich and famous

Oh, and there are so many more. Bear is working on a photo album as we speak so I hope to link to that tomorrow, just in case any of you are interested.

I want to go back. I will go back. I feel like I left a piece of my heart there.

One thought on “Well, the jetlag has finally subsided …

  1. Kate, your trip sounds wonderful – I am trying not to feel jealous. Seeing Tintagel! And the manuscript of Alice in Wonderland! And Dorset! (Also, I have just written a scene featuring the Cerne Abbas Giant in my third Montmaray book, and it made me giggle in a very immature manner.)

    Congratulations on your new novel, too – it must be a thrill to walk into shops now and see your book on the shelf.


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