Trip planning

The Husband Bear and I spent yesterday planning our trip to the UK. I know, I know it is less than three weeks until we leave and we probably should have planned it all before now, but that’s just how we roll. We are the couple who started planning our wedding about a month before the big day, even though we’d been engaged for a year!

Anyway, I shared much of our planning on Twitter yesterday (much to HB’s chagrin), but for those of you who missed it, here is a transcript of How the Bear and I Planned Our Trip:

And this was about the point where Husband Bear forcibly ripped the Netbook from my hands and smashed it into a million tiny pieces … not really, Bear is in IT. He would never do that! We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled on the couch with Mephy Danger, trying to work out how to fit a big, fairy-and-castle-filled island into five short weeks of campervanning. Bear gave me booktowns. I gave him Glenfiddich. Bear said “No” to Joanna Trollope. I nixed the very highest of the highlands (Too. Far. UP!), and, in the end, we nearly had our trip. It is going to be the making of us Gordons. We will find our roots and, hopefully, some fairies. I will not try haggis, even though Bear will try and make me. Bear will endure many booktowns. And he has promised he will start Tweeting, so you can all hear HIS side of the story!

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