A tribute to my girls

This is what happy looks like

Last weekend, I went up “the coast” for my dear friend, Rachel’s engagement party. Rachel and I have been mates since high school (a looooong time ago now), and have known each other since primary school, when we were in the very cool, very rockin’ band, The Emusicians (nb: everything about this being cool or rockin’ is a lie but it was fun!) together. I was too scared to talk to Rache in Emusicians, because she was so pretty and cool. Rache is on the left in the above photo. Next to her is Chloe, who I have known since Brownies, and who has just had a precious baby called Jordan. She brought him on Saturday night and he slept the whole way through the party. Sarah is next to her. Sarah was also in Emusicians but has taken her musical career one step further and is now a super-successful opera singer on the mainland. I miss her!!! Then there’s Mellie, another high school mate who is the funniest, sweetest person on the planet. Steph and I went to primary school together, and is the person most likely to make me snort so hard that juice comes out my nose. Shel Bel is next to her. She was one of my earliest friends in high school and is the kindest person on the planet (as well as one of the prettiest). Then there’s Roz, who is one of my newest friends. We didn’t meet til Grade Eleven. Roz is the person responsible for some of my favourite memories of growing up. She completely corrupted me and I am so grateful. The girl with the goofy grin next to her is me. The girl taking the photo is my beautiful friend Chels, artist and mother extraordinaire.

The reason for this post is to pay tribute to every one of these girls. They are my best friends and my greatest supporters. They are the best people on the planet and without each of them I don’t know where I’d be. Soon, I want to move home so I can see them every day. I miss them so much.

Here’s to my girls.

Now, tell me about yours! How have your girlfriends made your life wonderful?

5 thoughts on “A tribute to my girls

  1. Katie! I got all teary reading that! You’re so beautiful and kind and funny and smart and talented and just an all-round nice gal. Love you. x (and I can’t wait to spend some time with you, hopefully in the near future!!!)


  2. Awwwww Kate. I corrupted you. You do say the sweetest things LOL. I love you very very much and am so proud of you. This is a great post. Keep it up hon. Was great to see you again. xxxxxxxxx


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