In which I have a book cover …

This is the cover of my book.
In the words of the great Chandler Bing, could I BE any more excited?
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jodie and Eva and their astonishingly talented designy people at Allen and Unwin for somehow distilling the essence of my story into such a beautiful picture. 
It’s really special and I am so honoured and humbled that someone put in all that time to create something so beautiful for something I wrote.

I hope you will all read about Daisy (and Paulina), and love them as much as I have come to.

12 thoughts on “In which I have a book cover …

  1. Congratulations, Kate! It's a fantastic cover – I just love the two covers the girls at A&U did for me, they're very clever girls.Would you like to do a guest blog with me ( ) in Oct for the release of your book? I'd love to have you!


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