In which I started an exciting new project!

Ever since I read Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight, by the stupendous Nick Earls and the super-wonderful Rebecca Sparrow, I have been dying to cowrite a novel. And when I say “cowrite”, I actually had very specific ideas about HOW I wanted to cowrite. I didn’t want to cowrite in the same way Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl cowrote Beautiful Creatures (much as I loved that book). I wanted, specifically, to cowrite a book the way Nick and Rebecca did; the way Penni Russon and Kate Constable did with the glorious Dear Swoosie
I wanted my own character. I wanted the other author to have their own character. I wanted a chapter each, back to back. I wanted a conversation between characters and authors. Oh! And I thought it might be fun if the book was (what I call), straight fantasy (i.e. wizards, dragons, faeries, but no vampires, werewolves or fallen angels).
Too much to ask?
Apparently not!
After all this time (Joel and Cat came out a whole thirteen years ago), I have finally received my wish. I have begun work on a tandem cowritten novel with a very, very, very super-dooper awesome fantasy writer. 
It’s like how going to see a fabulous movie is SO much better when you see it with a great friend. Youcan talk about it afterwards; dissect it; reminisce about favourite scenes and spunkiest actors. 
I love my character – a princess forced into hiding amongst a troop of footsoldiers. I love my cowriter’s (SQUEE! Love saying that) character just as much. I love that she (my cowriter) insists on manticores, and I am really keen for a bit of human-faery lovin’. I think it is going to an awesome book and great fun ta boot.
Writing is such a solitary profession. It is also (in my opinion) the most fun profession OF ALL TIME, but it is SO much more fun when you do it with a friend!

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  1. Just checking back in to see if you'd answere my Q – and you had. And you're nothing to do with a chook's cackle, at all! All this time I've been picturing you wrongly. (In case you were wondering about my chook puns…)Now I know. And you can continue to cackle with glee. 😀


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