Stuff …

Stuff I want to read this week:

Never Bite a Boy On A First Date – by Tamara Summers
Vulture of Sommerset – by Stephen M Giles
The Heights – by Brian James (even though it gets the songs from that 90’s TV show stuck in my head every time I see it on the shelf)
Find Your Tribe – by Rebecca Sparrow
Stuff I want to watch this week:
The rest of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, even though I know it will make me cry BUCKETS – Oh, you have torn my life all to pieces… … sob!
At least one episode of Being Human
Last night’s Dr Who again because it was made of Tardis-sized awesome!
Stuff I want to listen to this week:
Century Child – Nightwish
Verisakeet – Moonsorrow
These Days of Grays – Sonata Arctica
Victory Songs – Ensiferum
(and yes, for anyone who was wondering, I am on a Finnish metal bender …)
Stuff I want to buy this week:
Stuff I want to write this week:
A poem for my little brother
More of my Finnish metal music WIP (hence the obsession, but also because it’s fantabulous, gosh-darnit!)

Stuff I want to wear this week:
Jeggings. Ignore the haters! They are COMFY!
Stuff I want to do this week:
Go walking in the Cascade Gardents with my Husband Bear (and maybe run down a hill this time)
Tell my Mum she’s beautiful
Tell my Dad he’s the best man that ever there was
Ignore the people who make me sad and stabby
Hug the ones who make me smile and who never give up on me