In which I freak out about sending a manuscript off …

It is official. I have scared, paranoid, ridiculous writer troll disease.
The symptoms of this disease are as follows: 
  1. Eating too many corn chips (although, this may just be a symptom of being me)
  2. Yelling at the cat for trying to sit on my knee
  3. Yelling at the Husband Bear for … umm … waking up
  4. Reading my MS SIXTEEN TIMES
  5. Deliberating over the width of bowsprits (this is a pointy thing on a boat)
  6. Adding in an additional character, then removing her, then adding her again
  7. Giving one of my protagonists two middle names. Just because.
  8. Reading my previous (prequel) MS three times
  9. Going to the gym a lot
  10. Falling off the treadmill at the gym after having AN EPIPHANY
  11. Yelling at the Husband Bear for playing his guitar
  12. Yelling at the cat for wanting to be fed
  13. Saying over and over to anyone who will listen “You don’t understand. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”
  14. Thinking that tangerine chocolate and salt and vinegar chips is a good breakfast idea
  15. Obsessively wearing tights
  16. Going to the hairdresser because she doesn’t mind listening to me talk about shapeshifting Tasmanian tigers for an hour
  17. Not stopping typing when I cut my finger. Even when there is blood in my keyboard
I know. It sounds like I am an evil, nasty horrid little troll, doesn’t it (Husband Bear and Mephy the Psychotic Black Cat nod vigorously), but I am reliably informed all above symptoms are normal when a usually pretty sweet-natured person is working on a manuscript. And my symptoms have neutralised now the MS has winged its way off. But still, it would be nice to have some reassurance I am not, in fact, a troll. Reassurance? Please?