In which I make a list of things I love about being a writer …

  1. I can work in my jammies
  2. I can work with my cat on my knee (or feet, or, sometimes, computer – not so good)
  3. I can work while eating corn chips (don’t tell Husband Bear. He hates it when I eat over my keyboard)
  4. I can MAKE STUFF HAPPEN. In life, this isn’t very common. Most of the time, I don’t feel like I have much control or power over things. When I’m writing, I am God
  5. I can actually create people. And worlds. And creatures. This is fun.
  6. I can, every half an hour or so, stand up and do a spontaneous happy dance around me lounge room. They have forbidden me from doing this in my other job.
  7. I can work while listening to Badly Drawn Boy, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Shins, Ensiferum, Opeth, Sonata Arctica, Paddy Casey, Martha Wainwright, The Smiths. At work we only have Naff Classical, Naff World Music, Naff Lounge or Naff Elevator Music.
  8. I get to meet all sorts of awesome writer people in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere. They are lovely, funny, supportive and kind
  9. Ditto for the real world. And, an added bonus, in the real world we can have hot chips together. Woot!
  10. I make my librarian parents proud!
  11. I get to read books, watch movies, go on road trips “for research”
  12. I get to be violent, aggressive, sexy, smart, cool, funny, scary – all the things I am not (usually), in the real world
  13. I never have to grow up. In the real world I’m getting old and wrinkly. In my books, I’m always a kid
  14. I get to have a writer group. For a shy, kind of anti-social person … I get to have a GROUP!!!
  15. I can blame all of my moods on being a writer. Not that the Husband Bear often accepts this as an excuse. But still.
  16. Sometimes, I get out of housework.
  17. Sometimes, when I am being lazy and just sitting there doing nothing, I can pretend I am thinking of ideas
  18. I’m crap at making stuff but, soon, I will be able to hold something I made in my hands. And it won’t look as bad as the spatula I made in Grade 8 Technology class!
  19. I now don’t feel so bad about not being able to cook, whistle, sew, ride a bike, wink, drive, do the splits, sing or knit (or any one of the other zillions of things I can’t do). Cos I can WRITE!
  20. All the nasty people? They get made into baddies in my books. And, sometimes, reach sticky ends (yesssss). The power. The power.
  21. My High School English teacher is proud of me.
  22. My Husband Bear can imagine a life, when I am “The Next JK Rowling” when he can retire and make beer and breed goats and be a pirate
  23. In October, I will be in a series with Penni Russon, Scot Gardner and Kate Constable (and several other incredible peeps). This makes me happy beyond belief.
  24. This morning, I travelled all around Tasmania without leaving my lounge room. Tonight, I’m going to Finland!
  25. It’s all I can do. It’s all I want to do. It makes my heart sing