In which I found a lovely writing group!

I am chuffed, gleeful, awe-struck and glad to have a found a really lovely writing group (code name: Writerama), in my new hometown. 
We meet once a week at a local (and super-dooper lovely, yummy-food-making-kind-to-writers-wondrous), fish and chip super-shop. We bring our netbooks, our resources, ourselves and our brains. 
We don’t order much, drink too much of their free bottled water, plug into their electricity and chat, laugh, people-watch and – here is the best thing – WRITE. We don’t critique each others’ writing, unless we feel a specific urge, but we do discuss it. 
We don’t have formal topics or structure. We do spend a lot of time staring out the windows at the River Derwent. It is the best writey thing that has ever happened to me. I want to spend my whole life at writing group (with brief breaks to go and see the Husband Bear and Mephy, and watch Arrested Development).

All newbie writers, best tip I can give you: Get a writing group like mine. S’all, y’all.