In which Mephy goes to hospital …

I told myself I was not going to become a “cat blogger”. It’s not that I don’t like cat blogs. I love cat blogs, but I figured there were enough cat blogs out there already without me adding my fantastic fur-child to the mix.
So I didn’t tell you about how he is the best flopper that ever there was, and is a total glutton for tummy tickles.
I didn’t tell you how he plays me and Husband Bear off against each other, pretending he has not been fed when he HAS.
I didn’t tell you about how he is terrified of one partcular blue umbrella.
I didn’t tell you how, every morning, when I am writing, he sits behind me on the back of the couch and curls his tail around me neck.
I kept Mephy the Psychotic Black Cat as my secret friend and muse.
But, today, Mephy the Psychotic Black Cat went to hospital. The Husband Bear and I don’t know why yet. I won’t go into the specifics, but my lovely Mephy has been sad and in pain. And I, for some reason, finally found the need to tell the blogosphere about it. Maybe I hoped a cat blogger out there would understand.
I’m sure Mephy will be okay. He is every bit as stubborn as he is psychotic. But I am worried about him in hospital.

Fingers and paws crossed.