My Best Cousin’s Wedding

I have seven Best Cousins. Their names are Ben, James, Emma, Peta, Grant, Warwick and Jacqui. Jacqui is the eldest, the blondest, the sportiest, the smiliest and the sweetest. And she is the second of the cousins to ditch the Lovell/Hasler family name and get her bride on.
I was the first. I became a Half-Gordon four years ago, and I think my new family is just the bee’s knees.
But the wedding of Best Cousin Jacqui reminded me I am still deeply, fervently, and crazily Lovell at heart.
Some reasons why I love the Lovells:
  1. The bride wore thongs. With a long, satin, fishtail dress. She looked completely awesome.
  2. The bridesmaids of the bride were girls she’s been friends with since forever. 
  3. The “ballons”. The “ballons” were both indescribable (i.e. it’s a long and very quirky story that would take a whole other blog post), and AWESOME.
  4. My Dad was asked to talk during the ceremony. He made us all cry.
  5. The Father of the bride yelled “Here’s looking at you, kid,” in the middle of the ceremony.
  6. The beach wedding attracted a “peanut gallery”, who sat around drinking beer while watching the ceremony. Instead of asking them to leave, Best Cousin Jacqui went up and said G’day to them.
  7. The groomsmen thanked my cousin Warwick for introducing Darren to Warwick’s “smoking-hot” sister. He repeated this description several times. This was made even funnier because my step-pop thought the whole time that he was calling Jacqui Warwick’s “smoking pot” sister.
  8. The same step-pop was scandalised when the song “Play that funky music white boy” was played because he thought the words were actually “play that f***ing music, white boy”. You kids today and the music you listen to …
  9. My Nan got tipsy on alcopops.
  10. My Dad and I did our patented “silly dance” (a mix between Mick Jagger, Peter Garrett, 80’s interpretive dance, Christopher Walken and a good, old-fashioned Dad-dance), to “Hooked on a feeling”.
  11. My Dad’s partner, Leigh, doing “sitting-down-dances” involving many funky hand-movements, because she’s just had her knee reconstructed. She cut moved nobody knew were even possible without the use of your legs. 
  12. The flower girl cutting a rug, Riverdance-style, to “Give You Hell”, by the All-American Rejects.
  13. Watching how excited my Nan got about blowing bubbles
  14. Watching how excited my 16-year-old Best Cousin Emma got about DRINKING bubbles, and listening to her Mum, Debbie saying: “Well, okay, but don’t let your Dad catch you”.
  15. The look on my Best Cousin Ben’s face when the Bear told him he was neither a Boags OR a Cascade man. Total and utter shock and confusion!
  16. My Best Cousin Peta and I exchanging many looks of shock and confusion as the Bear and the Troy (Peta’s Best Boyfriend), talked about X Box games. For a very. long. time.
  17. There were pink galahs everywhere. Now, I know the pink galahs were not members of my family, but it kind of felt like the universe had summoned them, especially for us – fat and pink and happy and somehow made of magic.
  18. Eating. Drinking. Dancing. Laughing. And just being kooky, crazy, kind and cuddly Lovells.

There is nothing better than family. And mine is the Best there is!